How to Locate a Person for Free

Learn How to Locate a Person for Free

You can locate a person for free through different types of search technologies available through the web. There are helpful sites & that will bring all types of resources together in one place to help you locate a person online. There are other helpful options such as the major search engines, county record sites and offline methods that will help you locate a person for free. Hopefully, all of the information provided will assist you in your search for a person.

3 Ways to Locate a Person for Free Online

Let’s start by saying that any of the options shared below can be tested with your own name first and then do your search for the person you want to find. So here we go:

1. Go to the big search engines and type in your name, state and city to see if anything is available on you. I have done this and my information pulls up with no problem through the big G. Also, this will teach you if the data that you pull up is old or up to date.

2. Have you ever tried to look up people free through your own county records or a county that your person resides in? My county records are listed as the county name with the words afterwords. You can try this combo or do a search for your auditor site for your county. Once you locate this free records site, you want to search for your person. This will help you locate, not on the person for free, but their property information. This would provide you a picture of the property, value, ownership and a map to the location. So even if you do not find your person, you may find other uses for this site such as taxes and the value of the property through the counties eyes.

3. A final tip to locate a person free is through offline methods. So let’s say you try the two methods above. You may find some information on the person you are trying to locate. However, the data may be old. You have the option to take the records and call or contact the current residents of the property and find out if they knew the person you are in search of. If so, they may know what state or city the person is located in. This free information will be a new lead in locating a person.

However is his does not work, you can ask them for the neighbors contact information that may help you locate the person. Next door neighbors may be the answer to find the person you are looking for. This may also lead you to another connection to locate a person free.

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